Veterinary Telemedicine Software for the Entire Continuum of Care

VetCareShare™ is a cloud-based suite of Telemedicine solutions that helps veterinarians efficiently and effectively communicate with their clients, other veterinary hospitals, specialists and within the veterinarian team via Virtual Telehealth Consultation, Video Consultations, Group Text, Text, Email and more. All features provide the ability to share DICOM images, lab reports, pictures, videos, and documents of almost any kind. All communications and attachments are stored on the VetCareShare™ cloud-based system and can be integrated with the pet’s medical record.

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The benefits of VetCareShare™ go far beyond the features of the system. Our veterinarian telemedicine solution ENABLES VETERINARIANS TO THRIVE by enabling new ways to practice, serve clients, improve operations, lower costs, increase revenue and positively impact profitability. The effective functionality of VetCareShare™ also provides the ability to IMPROVE WORK-LIFE BALANCE for all within the veterinarian practice.

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Quick & Easy

Veterinary Telehealth software that is easy-to-learn and quick to implement. On-line training and implementation support provided at no additional cost.

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With Virtual Consultations, Video Consultations, Text messaging, Group Texting and more, VetCareShare is the most comprehensive veterinary telemedicine system available.

Veterinarian Centric

Flexible features and a unique cloud-based design enables veterinarians to determine the best way to implement telemedicine for themselves, the practice, or specialty group.