Easily Connect and Communicate Throughout the Entire Continuum of Care.
VetCareShare veterinary telehealth features strengthen value of services, builds client loyalty, creates
productivity improvements and much more.

Steamline Communication
& Care

Conduct Virtual Consults and send Video Consults, Texts and Emails with one system and across the entire continuum of care.
Save time with Video Consults – more powerful than a voicemail and pet owners can share with other family members reducing call backs.

Open New Revenue Opportunities

Get paid for consultations you do responding to text messages, emails and phone calls with Virtual Consultations.
Capture revenue with virtual telehealth appointments with pet owners that are less compliant because visiting the clinic is difficult or time consuming. 

Increase Vet Team Satisfaction

Dramatically reduce time responding to call-backs into the clinic. Spend less time rescheduling missed appointments.
Decrease after hours time spent responding to “emergencies” and call backs.

Drive Wellness Compliance

Providing visual evidence (lab reports, x-rays) with expert consultation help pet owners better understand their pets health and importance of wellness visits.
Virtual consults make it more convenient to follow up with patients and recommend next steps for care and wellness.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Virtual Consultations allows you to easily share information about cases with pet owners, other veterinarians and specialists.
Use Virtual Consults to conduct follow-up visits to ensure treatment and healing is proceeding as expect and ensure compliance from pet owners.

Client Loyalty & VCPR Compliance

With more pet parents looking for the convenience of virtual care, VetCareShare offers many tools enabling you to offer veterinary telehealth on your terms.
Maintain control over who, how and when you provide virtual veterinary telehealth services while driving overall client satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Educate Pet Owners

VetCareShare enables sharing of educational documents, images, lab reports, videos and more with pet parents and others within the continuum of care.
The ability to re-watch video consults, how-to videos, and review attachments helps pet owners understand and remember the medical information provided.